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    Current Location:HOME > COMPANY
      Anhui Xuancheng Yongjian Machinery Co., Ltd is located in the gateway of the southeast Anhui with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery, which is near Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province in the east, Jiuhua Mountain in the west, Huangshan Mountain in the north and the Yangtze River in the north. It is a competitive manufacturer in mainland China in automobile and agricultural vehicles. Founded in 1998, it covers an area of ??25 acres and 10,000 square meters of production workshop. Now the enterprise has over 100 sets production equipments, 120 high-quality staffs including 20 technical persons. Yongjian is the key enterprise in the machinery industry and won the following titles awarded by Municipal Government such as “Excellent & Integrity Private Enterprise”, “Best Quality Enterprise”, “Commitment Enterprise in Famous & High quality products” etc. We passed the ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System Certification in 2006.
      We are a professional production base with the annual capacity of 500,000pcs Automotive Half Shafts including Light trucks, Medium-sized trucks and Heavy trucks. Quality test methods have the following equipments such as Physical and Chemical Analysis, Magnetic Detection, Optical Microscope, Deflection Detector etc. Factory has various machineries including advanced YTD41-200 Pre-upsetting Press, DTW99-200 Pendulum Grind Machine, RT2-150 Resistance Furnace, GCL-1205 Induction Hardened Machine, YB60502G High-speed Milling Machine, Y631K Shaft Milling Machine, Numerical Control Machine.
      Now we are the suppliers of JAC Jianghuai Hefei Shaft, Shandong Qingte Axles, Liaoning Shuguang Axles, Hubei Axles. Good reputation, high-quality products, standardized management system, we are the best OEM factory. Factory awarded the JAC "Excellent Supplier" from 2009 to 2011. Our management principles is “Science and technology to create brand, relying on quality to develop, effective management”. Factory warmly welcome new and old customers came to discuss cooperation, let’s create a better tomorrow together!
       Service concept: meeting customer satisfaction
         Survival concept: high standard, high efficiency, high benefits
         Enterprise ethics: prestige is fundamental, best quality is fundamental
         Operating philosophy: creating market value and win-win
         Enterprise spirit: loyalty, dedication, honesty and realistic
         Enterprise mission: creating benefits for society
         Enterprise goals: lead the trends, creating hundred years Yongjian Brand
         Enterprise objective: progress and develop and enjoy wonderful life together
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