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    What are the hazards and causes of oil leakage of the half shaft oil seal?

    : admin: 2021-03-19 16:51:00: 10
    The oil leakage of the axle shaft oil seal will gradually reduce the amount of oil in the rear axle. Excessive oil leakage will directly affect the normal lubrication of the rear axle and accelerate the early damage of the parts. At the same time, the oil leakage often enters the brake drum and reduces the braking efficiency. , The main reason that affects driving safety and causes oil leakage of the half-shaft oil seal
    Because of:
    ①Too much oil has been added to the main reducer of the rear axle housing, and the oil level exceeds the normal height. Excess oil should be discharged to keep the oil level at a standard height.
    ② The air vent of the axle housing is blocked, the temperature rises during driving, the pressure increases, and the oil is squeezed out to cause oil leakage.
    ③The oil seal is aging and deteriorates and loses its sealing effect. In this case, it should be replaced.
    ④The oil seal and the seat hole are too loose or the half shaft journal in contact with the oil seal is worn and grooved, there are pits, etc., and the relevant parts should be repaired or replaced.
    ⑤Lunyi bearing loose or differential bearing loose, make the half shaft shake up and down, affect the sealing performance of the oil seal, should be checked and adjusted.