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    Reason axle seal damage and leakage of what? 2015-12-11
    Rear axle seal leak will gradually reduce the amount of oil inside the bridge, excessive leakage will affect the normal lubrication directly after the bridge, accelerate early mechanical damage, but often spill over into the brake drum, reducing brake effectiveness affect traffic safety, causing the main axle seal leak original...
    What is the vehicle axle? 2015-11-13
    Axle differential is torque transmission between the solid shaft and the drive wheels, the inner end typically by a splined connection with the side gears, the outer end of the hub is connected.Axle differential is torque ...
    June heavy-duty trucks fell 26 percent in the first half fell 32% bleak ending 2015-10-22
    June"s heavy truck market is still stagnant in the trough. Despite the narrowing its monthly decline, but the decline is still very alarming, abnormal sluggish end-market demand has not changed so far.      
    What is the use automobile axle casing 2015-10-16
    Axle casing installation Rolling journal and bearing journal wear, leading to its axis, with Songkuang between the hole...
    Vehicle axle features 2015-10-16
    When cars turning left and right sides of the wheel due to the different trajectory radius, so the journey through different cornering...
    HOWO heavy truck light truck quickly take root in major express company 2015-10-16
    Since its 2012 launch, China"s heavy truck HOWO light truck, with its excellent quality and high...