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    The most prone to failure of automotive axles 2019-02-21
    Under the action of long-term torsional fatigue and impact force, the axle of the automobile is prone to failures such as bending, twisting and breaking...
    The car&#39;s half shaft must pay attention to the protective dust cover during use. 2019-01-15
    The axle of the car is connected to two wheels. It is very simple to look at the product in appearance, but their role is very important.
    Correct treatment method for semi-shaft oil seal oil leakage 2018-12-19
    Correct handling of shaft oil seal oil leakage! Half shaft oil seal leakage This is a situation that we often encounter when we use a car. For a novice...
    What is the role of the car axle? 2018-11-14
    The axle of the car is the drive shaft. When the car is turning, the left and right wheels have different trajectory radii, so the distance traveled during the turn is different.
    Automotive axles are an important part of automotive transmission systems 2018-10-23
    With the rapid development of China"s automobile industry, the demand for automobile axles is increasing. How to improve the output and quality ...
    Introduction to the classification of the rear axle of the car 2018-09-13
    The rear axle half shaft is a solid shaft that transmits torque between the differential and the drive wheel, and the inner end is generally connected to the rear axle side ...