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    What are the symptoms of a broken shaft? 2020-03-31
    Broken axle: Symptoms: Wheels may fall off during high-speed driving. Wheel out-of-round will cause inaccurate dynamic balance,
    Demand for automotive axle products is growing 2020-02-11
    Automobile semi-axle, it is a component used in cars, and this product is mainly used in heavy vehicles, so when we all love to use it, it also has very high quality requirements.
    What will be the performance of a bad car axle? 2020-01-22
    The semi-axle is an important part of the automotive transmission system. It is a solid shaft that transmits torque between the differential and the drive wheels.
    Fracture Analysis of Automobile Rear Axle 2019-12-24
    Abstract: Through hardness measurement and metallographic examination, it is confirmed that the cause of fatigue fracture of the rear axle half-axis of the automobile is caused by improper heat treatment, which causes more ferrite to appear in the structure of the half-axis, resulting in insufficient hardness and strength.
    Car interior illustration, open the hood and learn together! 2019-11-29
    Air filter: Its role is to filter the dust and impurities in the air and let the clean air enter the engine, which is very important for the life and normal work of the engine.
    Have you learned the correct treatment of the oil seal of the semi-axle oil seal? 2019-10-31
    The correct treatment of the oil leakage of the semi-axle oil seal! The semi-axle oil seal leakage is a situation that we often encounter when we use the car. For the novice driver who does not know the car, if the semi-axle oil seal leaks, it is quite troublesome.